Loop cut clarification

hi Blender Community,

I’m relatively new at modeling and I’m trying to start off simple with this chair

Currently, I’m using loop cut on a cube that i have distorted to make that triangular back rest. Now the loop cut is fine as shown but what if i want to make the loop cut in a straight line ? (not that i need it for this chair but i want to learn this for future use).


If by a straight line you mean a vertical cut:

Either use the knife tool (K) with constraint enabled ©

Use the Loop cut tool (Ctrl+R) then use the Even option (E). To flip to the other edge use F

These other options are on the 3d view header while using the tool

ah, that is what i mean! thank you :smiley:

Press the E key during the Loop Cut and Slide operation to activate ‘Even’ mode. This allows you to keep the loop parallel to your chosen side using the F key. Look down at the status bar when you activate a function. You’ll see tips related to the tool in use.

thanks, i’m pretty new to blender and nobody ever mention looking at the status bar (i never knew that there were extra commands) in any tutorial that used loop cuts… Thanks for all your help

This is awesome. I wished this were possible many times, I always forget to check the interactive dialogue that shows up in the toolbar… Very good to know, thanks.

Also, this works for sliding edges with douple tap ‘g’. Very nice.