"Loop cut does not work well on deformed mesh edit display."

Hi there! New to Blender, figure it’s about time I learned how to use it.

I keep getting this message popping up now and I have no idea why. Is it because I’m using a loop cut on something that’s been rigged and weighted? (I thought I had done some editing since I did the initial rigging, but now I’m not sure.)

(top middle of the screen)

Am I editing in the wrong mode or something?


Yes you guess it well and in the future just to avoid some more warning the best workflow should be something like:

  1. Model it to finish.
  2. Unwrap it (if need) then apply mirror modifier.
  3. Texture it
  4. Rig it
  5. Animate it.
    This is kind of my workflow. :slight_smile: