Loop cut: Edges refusing to slide?...

Hi there!

I have encountered a weird problem: After adding a loop cut to the inside my simple glass model, the loop refuses to slide… And it doesn’t slide afterwards either…

Works on the outside of the glass, but not on the inside…

This is very basic stuff… Shouldn’t pose any problem, I don’t get it! Am I doing something wrong here?!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


glass.blend.zip (64.7 KB)

Using 2.63 stable release , if i delete the edge loop created from your loop cut and CTRL + R to add one i don’t seem to have problem sliding it before applying the loop cut in the interior.
That is when i manage to add the loop cut inside instead of outside, as if i don’t disable this button :
Or enable this one.
I have lot of difficulty to make the loop cut appear on the correct side of the glass.

Maybe related to your problem ?

Now if you don’t want to delete your current edge loop, select it and in the T menu (to the left of the 3D View) , click on the “Edge Slide” button and slide the edge loop you created.


I’m using 2.63 stable too!

OK, so this seems to be an actual bug!

One strange thing I discovered, is that the interior faces don’t have normals… That’s pretty weird if you ask me!

Maybe all of this is caused by my using of the Solidify modifier???

Are you sure the normals aren’t facing out. They would be in the same spot as the outer ones. Try reversing one of the inside normals and if that helps just do it for the rest too.

Hope this helps


No, they aren’t… I recalculated them, just before making the screenshot…

Now, I made a new glass, without using the solidify modifier… So the new interior faces have normals, and they are facing in the right direction… And I still get the exact same problem…

Can’t even make a stupid glass! :mad: :spin: :frowning:

You know, I usually just do box modelling, for a wineglass it’s really simple, you can start out with a sphere… ;D

Simple wineglass from sphere tutorial on Youtube :slight_smile:



Thanks for your advice man! :wink:

My problem isn’t the modeling of the glass in itself though… I agree with what you’re saying, but I should be able to slide an edge regardless, right?

Now, I have come across another strange thing… It’s not a modeling issue per say, so I’ll be opening a dedicated thread for it, in an other part of the forum, but this may be an additional indication of what’s happening here… (or maybe not, I really don’t know! :smiley: )

So there it is: I did the glass differently (several extrusions… etc…) and then I tried a Fluid Simulation on it, but Blender doesn’t appear to “see” the inside of the glass… Again… It acts as if the glass wasn’t hollow…

I really don’t understand what is going on… :confused:

Here’s a screenshot:

Well, I don’t have a clue, hehe… By some reason the fluid sim doesn’t seem to like the model… No loose vertices or edges in your geometry? Something is off, that is clear… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope… The model is as clean as they come! It’s a fairly simple one too! :eyebrowlift2:

Strange indeed! :frowning:

Try clearing transformations on both object & domain and re-bake… :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll try that… And if that doesn’t work, I’ll make a new glass using a cylinder or even cube… :smiley:

I’ll keep you guys posted!

Thank you again! :wink:

Ok, so neither solution works… Tried clearing transformations, and I also made a glass out of a cylinder… Same thing!

Maybe this is a bug in 2.63 that should be reported? :confused:

Using 2.63,
I gave a try to making a simple glass Fluid -> Obstacle and Volume initialisation set to Both (shell+volume) and Free Slip type, a large cube used for the domain (free type slip and viscosity preset Water being the only change from default settings i think, out of the resolution of course) and a cube a bit subdivided for the Fluid -> Fluid itself.

And it seems to work, roughly as i’m not experienced in the fluid simulation, but the fluid does not avoid the glass like on your screenshot.

I attach this basic setup so you can compare and see if there’s a setting that could be responsible for what is in your screenshot

I just reset transformations on ALL objects, I didn’t change any other settings. I run the 46220 buildbot MinGW build. 1.63.x…

@Sanctuary: Ok, thanks man! I’m gonna try this right away! :wink:

@ Sanctuary: Examined your file, but sadely, I don’t see any indications when compared to mine…

But thanks anyhow! :slight_smile: