loop cut help and moving help??

Hi guys, I’ve created a low poly Cessna 172, but I don’t know how to loop cut to differentiate the window and the main aircraft body like in the reference picture. Now look at my screenshot, the loop cut is curved thus I’m not able to properly make a loop cut to differentiate the windows.

Also another question is how to get the “flaps” down like in the reference photo? In my screenshot I already separated the wing and the flaps with a loop cut, but when I drag down the flaps section the sides (wing) goes along with it?

screenshot of my flaps

Thanks guys.


[ATTACH=CONFIG]351882[/ATTACH] screenshot of my flaps

I would use the “K” tool (cut) to draw the window shapes, making sure the new vertices were connected to other existing vertices.

I would select the flaps and make them separate objects (“P”); then make their origin point at the front (tab to edit, choose front face, shft S: curser to selected, tab to object mode, “T” stack, “Set Origin to curser”); then make them a child of the parent airplane (drag and drop triangle icon in outliner). Then I would lock all but one rotation axis (“N” stack, transforms / rotation).

EDIT: Nevermind turns out I forgot to apply the decimate modifier haha :slight_smile: do you know how to make it so the “k cut tool” applies to both sides?


You should be using the mirror modifier. I think there is a “cut through” feature for the “K” tool, but I have never found it.

The Z key toggles cut though while in knife cut mode.

Okay roger that, thanks guys! Yeah pretty basic stuff but I’m gonna learn from this :slight_smile: