Loop Cut Indicator Color & Width - Preferences Settings in 3.0?

Since the Loop Cut & Slide indicator line changes color with some themes I thought it would have a setting in Preferences, but I haven’t been able to find it – help?

Also, is there a way to make the Loop Cut & Slide indicator line (and only that) wider/thicker?

Combed thru the Preferences part of the 3.0 manual, no joy.

Here’s some examples of a proposed loopcut on the back of Suzanne’s head in four of Blender’s included themes:

Should be simple, right? Edit > Preferences > Themes > 3D Viewport, it’s gotta be one of the color controls that’s yellow in the default theme (Blender Dark), black in Blender’s Maya theme, and blue in Blender’s Modo & XSI themes. But I’m not finding it.

Color question answered on StackExchange:

Edit > Preferences > Themes > User Interface > Axis & Gizmo Colors > Gizmo Primary

The line thickness probably isn’t setable for just the loop cut indicator, or just the gizmo, but if I’m wrong about that I’d love to hear it!