Loop Cut Problem

Hello, I am trying to make a gun in blender, but my loop cut is not working. It works on cubes, but when I try on the plane that I am using (I will make it 3D as I go) it sometimes shows with a pink line on the Z axis, but I need to to be on the X axis, and the pink line will not show up.

There is a VERY small area that my mouse can be in when when the pink line does show up on the Z axis, like 1/2 cm by 1/2 cm

I need the pink line to show up on the X axis.

Thanks alot!

Please show a picture illustrating the problem so we can tell what might be done to help

First off you could zoom in over the plane, so to have more room to move in, then putting your mouse over an edge that is laying along the Y axis should let you cut along X.


Pic 1. I can get the Z axis

Pic 2. Cannot get the X axis

Where is your mouse, after you hit Alt+R?


Still doesn’t work…
That is my problem

From your pictures I can see some strange/overlapping vertices (maybe?), you should definitely post some different views of the object or, better, post the file.

Just a doubt, I can see in the last image that you put the Cursor where i indicated, perhaps you didn’t realize I was speaking of the mouse cursor? It can happen when my English is involved…


I think you are talking about the handle. Here are some views

Might also want to leave those hideous Windows panel and window borders out of the screenshots. It’s easy too, ctrl+F3 in blender to take a screenshot.

Edit: seeing your latest screenshots posted just before commenting, there’s your problem. You can’t have inside faces like that, they make it what is called non-manifold mesh.

Red: get rid of those faces
(Green: connect those instead)

As I thought, your object is not toally ‘correct’ and you have not manyfold edges, aka, they are sharing more than two planes.
In this case I would suggest to Subdivide all those parallel edges, instead of loop cut.
Otherwise you should loop cut them before extrude them along the Y axis.

Hope it helps,

EDIT: I was one minute late, grr


Thanks a lot guys. I am one step closer to the gun!

I was following a Youtube tutorial, but it was hard to understand because the guy wasn’t using the thing that shows mouse and keyboard clicks. Plus he was going really fast and expected us to know everything beforehand.

Thanks again;


Hey, don’t shoot down anybody, when you’ll get it done!