Loop cut problems

When you select the loop cut in the “Loop/cut Menu” you can make a loop cut between two rows of vertices. Normally, when you select this option and you clik right a first time, you still should be able to reposition the loop cut. But I can reposition it anymore! When I select the loop cut option and click right a first time, the loop cut is immediately made right in the middle of 2 rows of vertices. So I can’t adjust the position of it anymore. Does someone knows what is going on?

Thanks and greetz, Fritz.

I’m not sure why you’re experiencing that problem, but you could simply use the Edge Slide (Ctrl+E) command on your newly created edge loop.

If you’re talking about Ctrl-R in the K-Menu the workflow is Ctrl-R >> Select the Loop >> Leftclick to cut >> Slide new Loop to position >> Leftclick to place it.