Loop cut question

Hi guys, I just needed to ask you something about loop cuts. Is it possible to only make the cut on the bottom of an object? If I create a loop cut, it goes through the entire mesh, which I do not want. I want it to only go on the bottom face. Is there an option in Blender or something that will let you make a loop cut on a single face?

This is what I mean: I only want a cut through this face:

Not through the whole mesh:
Any help is appreciated!

Currently blender can only use faces made from 3 or 4 vertices. Just cutting the bottom face would create additional faces made from 5 vertices, not possible. This limitation is due to be removed with future versions of blender.

Okay… Maybe I’ll have to do it another way (doubt it).

Maybe not the best way to it but select the bottom vertices then separate from the rest of the object. Do your loop cuts then join both objects again.

you can try to use the “knife” tool in certain situations instead. in case you dont know about it, select the faces (or edges), press ‘k’, L-click and drag. you dont always need a perfect cut anyways. play around with it.

or you can use the above solution, take your pick.

The other ways mentioned above will get you a split bottom, the latter of the suggestions will get you triangles in the sides in the process, the former will get you a non merged object. Like Richard said, you will be creating n-gons on the other sides if you were able to just split one polygon, which is not yet possible in Blender, while loop cutting will not necessarily ruin your object and get what you want done at the same time. It’s more about where you want to end up that decides how you get there.

i realize this is a little old, but i found a solution =D select your face[s], shift-H to hide, loop cut, alt-H. you get triangles on the edges, but it works!

Those are the triangles that I was talking about in my post. Not really the solution that he was looking for however. Yes it works, but better to keep the poly count low, the mesh clean and loopcut the entire thing.