Loop cut/separated part of mesh, now stray vertices and edges

Pardon the newb question as this is literally my first model in Blender. I’ve searched all over but nothing is clearly showing me how to solve this issue. I am building a trailer to scale. I loop cut a part of the main frame’s ibeam to cut out the last 5 feet so I can create the dovetail. I CNTL+SHIFT+LMB selected all the appropriate faces (or so I thought) and edges and moved them 100" away to work on it. I then filled the ends. After that I noticed a couple edges and vertices didn’t get selected. By this time I had already saved and made several other edits, so I can’t undo it. How do I re-merge those edges and vertices back into the object or mesh? So far I selected them and moved them 100" to be where they should. Now I’m not quite sure what to do. Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: Actually, I’m not sure I need to do anything. Those edges and vertices are still part of the mesh, so it appears they are intact as they should be just by moving them to where they were supposed to be.