Loop Cut Smooth (S) Blender 2.54

I’m finally transitioning to 2.54, been going good but, from 2.49b you could do a loop cut smooth to hold the shape of curves, how do I do this in 2.54? I’m sure it’s under my nose but I don’t see it.

In 2.49b this was CTRL+R, S (to turn smooth on) and then click. 2.54 has a “Factor” but this only appears after I place the loop cut and changing its value seems to have no effect, maybe not done yet? I kinda figured Factor of 1.00 would be smooth.


I could use some help regarding this myself.

Thank you.

didn´t find it too
is it implemented?

Is there a new way to do this in 2.5? Or a quick workaround? …I saw this as a big advantage when modeling in Blender. Reduces the need for a lot of manual tweaking when adding loops to organic shapes.