Loop cut snapping behaver in Apricot builds

Hello all,

I’m using a Apricot build from graphicall.org and it’s all gravy until I need
to Loop cut something. It don’t snap to the absolute center like how i want it
to but it shifts and goes to the nearest grid line but it don’t even do that right.

I’ve looked over user preferences View & Controls but don’t see anything
there that might change the behaver of how the loop cut snaps.

Does anybody know how to change this? I don’t want it to snap to anything
and this is fucking up my work-flow.

Thank you in advance.

Im using a recent SVN build and I can snap it to the center of the face loop like usual.

What build are you using?

Edit: I’m going to download the 2.48 test build and see if it works any better and if not I’ll report it
as a bug.