Loop Cut Tool interactive number of cuts (Mouse-Wheel and NUM+, NUM- substitute)

Hello everyone,

let me come right to my problem. I love to use a tablet for pretty much everything in blender, especially modelling. This leads to an awkward problem when using tools like “Loop Cut” that have the option to increase/decrease the number of splits (bevel would be another good example). I always have to compromise. Do I go for the NUM+/NUM- or mouse? Either way I have to relocate my hand and that cost time and feels awkward.

My suggestion would be a shortcut that lets me interactively control the number of cuts by holding down the said shortcut while the “Loop Cut” tool is active and when dragging the cursor left the number of cuts decrease and to the right they increase.

Would something like that be possible with python or does it have to be implemented directly into the source code? If the former maybe someone could help me set up something like this. :spin: