Loop cut

I’m using 2.42 and trying to do a loop cut on this car model. As you can see - I’ve got a length wise edge cut but, it doesn’t cut through the inside of the cab. How can I do this?

I’m doing the tutorial at http://www.raivestudios.com/tutorials/blender/tooncar/

It is interesting but leaves a lot to the imagination.
I’ve attached a .gif - hope it come through

:frowning: Sorry I can’t get the graphic attached so back to square one. Sorry to hassle you

If you look at the “Attach file” options it says “Valid file extensions: jpe jpeg jpg png”. You can’t attach a gif in this forum.

OK - I should read the instruction more carefully - thanks:D


The inside of the cab is a different edge ring. Do another loop cut on the inside of the cab.

Or use the knife tool.