Loop Cuts?

I was wondering why sometimes whenever I hit Ctrl-R, sometimes it wouldn’t make a straight cut, it would make triangles.
Any explanations, and any way to avoid that?

Hey moonwolf,

I refrained from commenting earlier because even though I wasn’t sure what your issue was someone else would probably understand it and give you an answer. Hasn’t happened so far, so… what exactly do you mean? Can you give us pictures of what you’re trying to do and how the result differs from what you were expecting?

I’m making an educated guess. Do you mean this @moonwolf12?

Because the only way to make triangles while using subdivision is by using the W > Subdivide tool. Ctrl + R will not make any pink highlight if the result brings up triangles on the mesh (at least on 2.5 and as hard as I tried to reproduce the problem). You can solve this problem of the triangles by cleaning up the mesh, extruding edges and making new faces on the conflictive area, but again, I ignore how your actual mesh looks like so I can only give a general idea of the process you might need to perform to fix your problem. Provide an image attachment on your post next time.

From my experience i didn’t think that it was possible to make triangles with loop cuts…Something must be not quite right. I’m with Fax, let’s see some screanshots and then we can help.

If the loop cut ends in a triangle the end result will be two new triangles

It’s what [B]MerovingianBee showed, expect it happens with just loopcutting a square so it’s not cause of it being a circle. It causes triangles instead of me being able to slide the loopcut.

Could you take a screenshot of the problem (of what you are trying to cut), or does it happen every time you try to use the tool?