Loop cutting in 2.49 vs 2.6

A question for those of you who have experience of modelling in 2.49 and are now using the 2.6 series. How are you doing loop cuts?

I mean, there seems to be a regression that hasn’t been fixed. In 2.49, you press Ctrl-R, click where you want to cut, and then you have a choice of either moving the mouse (without pressing the button ) to the correct location of the cut or entering the precise number on the keyboard.

In 2.6x, you press the shortcut, but when you click, if you let go of the mouse button, the location of the loop is fixed. So instead, you’re forced to drag the mouse with the button held down, which is not very precise, or entering a number while the mouse is pressed, which is not comfortable at all.

I find the difference matters so much in my workflow I still use 2.49 for modelling. But I wonder if I’m missing something or if there’s an addon that would make 2.6 behave more like 2.49. All advice appreciated!

What you describe works in 2.65a. Maybe you’ve set “release confirms” in the user preferences -> editing, under transform.

Thanks, you are indeed right, “Release confirms” is on. The trouble is if I turn it off, placing objects becomes a pain, two clicks are then required and I tend to forget. In 2.49, the equivalent setting is “Drag immediately”, which has no effect on loop cutting.

Fixed by Campbell in r54222 , thank you!