Loop in Rigs

I have a loop in my Rigs and I think it is giving me buggy animations.
Maybe someone know a better solution how to solve this…
it’s like this:

the steering system rig needs to copy location of player waist.
But the player’s hands need to copy the location of the steering system’s bar. Also the hands have an IK constraint.
Also the steering system rig does track to a 3rd object
so there’s a loop


it works, but it gives me buggy animations I think… and it is a pain to work with this in the 3d editor, because the constraints keep fighting each other.

How would you go about this situation?

First of all, i have to make this joke : looks like he has a big bone® .

  • why do you need the steering bar to copy his waist loc and not the opposite ?

  • keep only the IK for the hands and use “rotation” option, you dont need copy-location . If you want the hands to handle perfectly the mesh of the bar, don’t hesitate to extrude 1 extra bone from each side of the bar to be the left and right target for the left and right IK

  • since your dude never stop kitesurfing, do you consider he’s really human ? Maybe his armature his different from a pedestrian ? Maybe his root bone could be his head or even the sail bone and his upper body and lower body are not directly parented anymore :slight_smile: In other words, maybe re-edit/re-think the bone hierachy and/or make the 2 armatures one ?


He definetely has a big bone xD
Thanks for your considerations, I’ll have to think this through thoroughly.
Your advices pointed me in the right direction.