Loop select in KDE

Hi folks,

Help a linux n00b out here. In KDE holding down alt seems to want to move the window. I need to hold down alt to do edge loop selection (alt-rmb). Is there a way to disable the alt keys behavior in KDE? Is there workaround from within blender?


I’m using Alt+Shift+RMB, it’s not exactly the same, but I already got used to it. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can change it within the configuration from KDE. I’m not sure if it matters which Linux distribution you are using, but I use KDE as a graphical interface aswell so this might be helpfull (I’m a linux nOOb aswell, but learning each day more)…

This is how I solved that problem (i’m using a Dutch version so I’m just guessing the right names for the English version):

  • open your “Configuration centre”
  • click “Desktop” from left menu
  • click “Windows behaviour” from left menu
  • click the “Actions” tab
  • look for the action which ALT is used for (with me it was “Modification key”) and change it to META

That did the trick for me! Good luck!

Much thanks! tumtidum, I’ve done that before in redhat, but I can’t find the configuration center in SuSE. Oh well, thanks anyway! thats what I was looking for.

Anyone know how to get to the KDE configuration center in suse? Is it somewhere in yast?

It should be in the suse menu, but you can also open it in a terminal with the command: kcontrol

Yep! Thanks for your help. It works perfectly now :smiley:

Good! You’re welcome! :cool: