Loop selecting & Twisting object

i want to know how to selet a set of vertix of a loop and twist my model, i mean change its basic shape

thanks for help

how to selet a set of vertix of a loop


I don’t know what you mean by twist you model but you can try PET (Press O [the letter oh] and then G or R and use PageaUp/Down to increase the size of the influence and Shft-O to change the interpolation) to rotate or distort.


i mean something like uh…make a normal bottle looks like coke bottle shape

Here is a tutorial if a coke bottle is what you’re after: coke bottle tutorial

thanks but thats not what i mean, i mean something like …“deformation”

i m modeling a toon car, but it looks awefully solid, i want to make it looks nice and smooth, eh… so…

thanks 4 help

never mine i think i got what i want from blender home page