Loop slice - ability to drag multiple loops & symmetry mode

I have a long list of features that I would like to see inside Blender, but instead of writing them all, I have decided in favor of the one I am missing the most: the ability to drag - adjust more than one loop slice. Currently you can only drag a single loop.

Considering that Blender heavily relies on the loop slice tool, that alone would be of great benefit to the modelling workflow. Of course, you can do something similar by scaling left and right, up and down or even use custom orientation modes to do so. But that’s just maybe because the process becomes really slow if not impossible on higher resolution meshes.

To illustrate the concept even better and to prove you cannot rely just on scale tool here is the fine example of what I am talking about:

Modo Loop Slice Tool(With three modes of operation: Free, Uniform, Symmetry)

I had already gone through a trial of Modo, so I can assure you that’s the way to do it. Of course, there are plenty of things I prefer in Blender, but loop slice is not one of them. If that’s just based on my experience, I would live with it but if not, please write your own feedback. The overall purpose is to improve the Blender, so even though I am not a developer, I hope with a right feedback, I can still rant to make it better.

Hasn’t blender had that for, like, forever?

Blender can create a loop slice but you cannot slide more than one loop at a time, this is a feature I would absolutely LOVE to see implemented now that Bmesh is “complete” :slight_smile:

Damns… that’s a lot of text (and a video to boot) just to say “I want multiple loop slide”. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Uncle-Entity LOL, yeah, that’s funny but I don’t mind u bumping up this thread :slight_smile: In any case, I just wanted to point the discussion into right direction.

I could write even longer article considering how much time I l am spending on the subject through modelling. A video is also very short considering how many features you actually get to see. On example, u have probably noticed the UI line used for better positioning of the loops? A similar kind of line is already used inside Blender as a part of the new BMesh inset tool (I key).