Loop Soup

An illustration done for the Loop Soup Project: (http://wrstud.urz.uni-wuppertal.de/~ka0394/en/loop_soup/)


looks good. What is the sound loop in the soup of?

thanks, zachboy82.
Screenshots of the sample editor Sweep, with exactly those loops you can find on the page. Middle one is the drumloop.

Nice modelling, and great idea.

Keep it up. :smiley:

Maybe add a few ripples though.

Thank you, redbyte.
I though about ripples and stuff. But it has to work well in small size, so I rather made sure the waveform comes out clear (without distortion) so it’s easy to recognize.

Good work, I’m rather partial to cell shading.

Nice concept.


Good shaded, I like the fact that you can see a fork in the spoon

lol!! i found out about loop soupe just yesterday when i strolled into #lad channel :smiley: nice stuff!

also nice work on that render . what kinda soupe is that :wink:

It’s hot drums and bongos soup, mixed with vocals

sweet. I like it. I’m still working on my own stills for “thinking man” but I’m having trouble with the lighting and rendering quality… I’ll just have to keep askin some of the gurus and monkeys here.

I really like this. Its a very memorable image.

Funny idea. I like it.

Yeah, a very nice image. You got the illustration style spot-on and the image IMHO needs no improvement.

Thank you all very much! I guess I was lucky to have a simple idea that just works.

that’s really a nice graphic. especially because it has not the 3d-touch. great work, nice colours, good concept.

greetings from d-dorf to wu-town :smiley:

great style and idea :slight_smile: good work