Loop tool add-on Troubles

After installing the .py file for the loop-tools-add-on, when opening Blender 2.77 I get a screen totally black. No responses. I uninstalled 2.77 and tried again with 2.70 and still nothing… So I uninstalled the loop-tool-add-on and 2.70 and then reinstalled 2.77 and still get only a black filled screen. I then did a restart and then I tried 2.69 and still the same-black screen. Even when trying to open blender from a late file folder the same black screen. Any suggestions? :no:

Uninstall 2.77, delete Blender preferences folder first and unrar this one.

Brus where do I find Blender preferences folder, I don’t see it under Blender Foundation for 2.77. Your suggesting I use WinRAR instead of Zip ?

C:\Users\ “your name”\AppData\Roaming
Delete Blender Foundation folder.

looptools comes with blender, why did you need to install it?