Loop Tools missing.

Hello, my Blender misses the Loop Tools addon, but it is in the folder.
Am i missing something?.. or is it currently disabled or whatever?

Be more specific.
What folder ?
What version of blender ?
Is it in the user preferences / addons ?
is it enabled but you can’t see it.

Any additional info that is important.
Nobody should have to use guesswork when trying to solve your problem !

Ver. 2.69 > Folder 2.69 > scripts > addons.
No it is not in the user preferences / addons that’s why Iam asking :slight_smile:
It is not enabled, Iam trying to enable it but i can’t even see it in the preferences / addons.

In the addons folder of version 2.69.
No it is not in the preferences / addons, thats why Iam here asking :slight_smile:
It is not enabled.

Either try ‘install from file’ again or download a new version of loop tools and try installing that from file. If it’s already being loaded by blender, you will get a warning that a script is being loaded twice.