Loopable cloth animation


I need the cape on my character to loop in synch with his walk cycle. Is there any way to do this? It should work if i can convert the simulation to keyframes but i can not find any way to do this. Please help, it’s an urgent matter.



Basicly i want the cape not to snap when the animation loops

Hey - I think I can help you. In the Addons, there’s an option to import and export “Newtek .mdd” format.

Basically, you make sure you have your object selected with the cloth simulation on it cached. Then, after you’ve added the add-on, go to Export > .mdd and set your start and end frames.

After you export it, turn off the cloth modifer on the object, then go to Import > .mdd file and the animation keyframes should now be applied to the object.

There might be some scaling and rotation issues, which I think have to do with the X,Y,Z axis (I think it works better if “Y” is up), but other than that, should be good to go!

Let me know if that works.

Oh yeah, and make sure you clear the location, scale and rotation from the cloth object first, otherwise the re-imported keyframes are going to be all messed up. And set the cloth object’s center to the be the scene origin (0,0,0).

I’ve experienced the cloth object suddenly oriented 90 degrees sideways when it gets re-imported. A quick workaround is to parent the sideways object to an empty, and rotate the empty upright.

Thanks, that worked. However as you mentioned i get some serious rotation and location issues. Any idea on how to fix this?

Also, how do i copy a mesh or vertices position? For example if i want the shape on the mesh frame 1 be same as the shape on frame 10?

You know, this is actually a really tricky problem! I think what you could try, is to make a shape key on frame 1 of the simulation and then animate it blending to 1 at the end of the animation so that it syncs up. Never tried this solution, but it just might work. Good luck!

Thanks for the help. I almost got it to work.
I got it to fully work in another blend file with a plane and simple armature. However when i try it with character there is clipping everywhere and the animation isn’t synching. Got any ideas?

And here is the final result


Hmm. I’m not sure there’s an easy answer for this. Can I see the animation? There just appears to be a “4Chan” logo in place of your link.