loopcut through several pieces

Hallo everybody

Let’s say I have a mesh containing several cubes. They are all connected with each other.
I now want to create one loopcut per cube, parallel to the side where they are connected. I would have twice as many pieces at the end. Using ctrl+r lets me create loopcuts only within one piece of the mesh.
When I use subdivision then it creates a cut along the x- and the y-axis instead of only one of the axis.
Is this possible at all or do I need to create one loopcut for each piece separately?

The knife tool would probably be the tool of choice here, but I, don’t have any idea of what you are trying to do without a picture (which speaks a thousand or more words :slight_smile: )

When I press ctrl+r I can create the loopcut within one piece (first screenshot).
But what I would like is creating loopcuts in all the pieces (second screenshot) without pressing ctrl+r for each part of the object, which can get annoying when having a lot of sections.

hmmm… I must admit I actually could subdivide the whole object and then delete the unwanted edge loops…
But this still could be a bit cumbersome when subdividing several times.


you can use the subdivide tool. You just need to be in edge select mode, and then select only the edges you want subdivided (in your case you can use ‘Alt + RMB’ to select one entire edge at a time)

Great! I didn’t know this!
Thank you!