Looping a walk cycle query

Hey everyone

Just a quick simple question that’s been bugging me…

If you have a walk cycle that is say 25 frames long, and the first and last frame have exactly the same pose; when it comes to looping it, don’t you need to cut off the last frame so that the initial key pose isn’t repeated twice in a row when it’s looped?

In the walk cycle on the ManCandy DVD this problem doesn’t seem to occur when it’s looped in the NLA editor; I can’t work out why this is.

Thanks for any enlightenment.

I don’t remember the Mancandy walkcycle, but time within Blender starts at frame 01, not at frame 00 like some other softwares. So if your walkcyle ends at frame 25 (and starts by default at 01), the 25th frame will be the same pose for the end and the beginning.

Hey bupla,

Thanks for answering yet another of my questions.

I don’t doubt what you have said is correct; I just can’t quite grasp the concept in my head.

If the timeline starts from 01, then any loops will have their beginning and end poses share the same frame. Yet if the timeline starts from 00 (as in other software) then the beginning and end poses will be placed next to each other in adjacent frames when looping? How does the start position make such a big difference?

What I tried to explain is that if your walkcycle starts at Frame 01, and ends at Frame 25, the frame 25 will be the last pose of the first walkcycle and the first pose of the second walkcycle in a loop. But actually your walkcycle last 24 frames.
In the NLA Editor, when you repeat an action, in the Transform Properties you will see that the Action (walkcycle) starts at 01, ends at 25. For the strip (walkycle loop), it starts at 01 and ends at 49 (25 + 24) for 2 repeats (and not 50). This means that the last pose and the (next) first pose are merged.

Ok. Thanks bupla. That is clearer now.

I confused myself after trying out another software that has a timeline starting from 00.