Looping an animation strip

I’m trying to loop an animation strip I’ve made in the NLA but I can’t see how to repeat it. I’ve looked at other posts on the subject and they all say you can do it in the strip data menu (N) but I can’t see where this is on the menu.

Also is there a way to edit a strip after making it?


You need to make sure there is enough space in your window for the panel to pop up when you press N, otherwise you won’t see it.

Have you clicked the ‘snowflake’ to turn the action into a strip? Then right click to select your action strip, press N, and you will see the option about halfway down the panel under ‘Action Clip/ Playback Settings’ to set the number of repeats.

>>Also is there a way to edit a strip after making it?<<

Yes, with your action clip selected, press TAB (the strip will turn green) and then go into the Dope Sheet and you can edit it as normal.