Looping Displacement Modifier Animation

Hello everyone,

Background: Originally I was making a water animation using displacement and needed a way to convert them to shape keys and fortunately Chipmasque provided a solution (exporting to .mdd). The problem now is that I need the animation to loop (and the water must appear to only be moving in 1 direction). Blender does not seem to be able to interpolate the vertex information well enough to maintain the illusion of movement (it will just change Z height back to the original position). I’ve tried changing the animation on the Null Object used to influence the vertex, haven’t found anything that looks good.

Actual Question:
-Does anyone know a good way to loop this type of vertex animation?

are you using the mesh cache modifier? in which case if you set the time mapping to custom, and then keyframe the valuation frame, you should be able to loop it (if you have a loopable mdd that is)…

if you dont, have two mesh caches… both with animated custom evaluation frames… offset from each other, then animate the influence from one to another.

I didn’t even know blender had a Mesh Cache (I was just exporting then importing back to the mesh), and I can’t find it in mine (2.65). Is there something special I have to do to enable it?

-I also wanted to ask, how you would animate the influence from one cache to the other- I just don’t understand.

-Thanks again

update to the latest blender 2.68, should be in there.

add two mesh cache modifiers… over the smae time, animate one going from 0 to 1, whilst the other is going 1 to 0

Thanks for the ideas, I’ll try them out.