Looping Grass Animation

I already asked this a while ago, but I still haven’t figured out a good way to do this.

I’ve tried having the animation just reverse at the end, but it looks REALLY crappy.

Anyone have any ideas?

Are you using particles or textures? Have you tried keyframing all the values of the last frame, to the same as the first frame?

play from the start to the end, play from the end to start, thats a loop isnt?

They’re particles.

If I do the start -> end - > start thing, it looks really crappy. (I tried that).

I have a tileing cloud texture (made in photoshop) for the wind texture, and when the offset is 1, it should be the same as 0 (or 2, or 3, or…), but for some reason, the grass doesn’t like going back to the right spot.

Use NLA strips that overlap with blends between them.

With a series of strips slightly (or highly) offset in duration you can make your grass show much more variation quickly and easily. The blends should enable a clean transition between each “cycle” of movement.


??? You mean have it fade to the beginning of the animation??? That only really looks OK for gaseous effects like fire and smoke, otherwise you’d see the individual strands of grass disappearing while other strands are mysteriously appearing…

I think I’ll just have to use animated curve guides… won’t this be fun…

You’ve gotta be kidding me!!! I can’t animate paths??? (or can you?):rolleyes:

Of course you can, use ShapeKeys.



Lazycoder: Here’s a Blend of what I mean.

  1. Create an IPO that defines the wind “gusts”
  2. Edit the resulting action to control the timing.
  3. Convert the action into a strip in NLA and play with repeats and blending using multiple copies of the action until you have a long enough segment.




If you’ve got an offset animation and want it to be loopable, you can attach the offset to an empty, then rotate the empty at 360 degrees, and you should get it.


Oh you’re talking about that sort of wind. I was talking about texture emission with a tileable clouds texture applied.

How did you do that? Whenever I tell it to insert a curve key ( I -> Curve) it just adds a shape key, but does nothing with it. Then in the IPO editor, I tell it to insert a key, and it still does nothing.

EDIT: Ok I get it now. You have to hold Ctrl and click in the IPO window… how the hell was I supposed to know that??? I just got lucky!

I had the same problem with hair, I had to make a looping animation of a lion, and the mane was made from static particles. I tried using softbodies on cruve guides, but, like you said, it didn’t like going back to the right spot.

In the end, I kept the hair following the curve guides, and animated the curves using shape keys.

I realize this is quite an old topic, but it’s one of the first things that appeared on Google when I searched for a solution to this issue recently.

Here’s a solution that (I think) works quite well for a looping flowing grass animation.

Basically, take a “Turbulence” Force Field, orbit it around an “Empty”, and alter some of the randomness settings in the hair to (hopefully) ensure a seamlessly looping grass animation.


looping_flowing_grass___using_revolving_turbulence.blend (917.7 KB)

Hope this helps any passersby! :slight_smile: Peace and God bless!

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