looping keyboard sensors...argggh!

I want to make a object that moves on a grid with the arrow keys. one problem. the sensor for the movement is looping! (AKA: as long as I hold it down it keeps going.) how can I stop this?(so it moves one space in the grid then stops.)

You can turn off pulse mode and move the little number on the top that determines delay until next pulse all the way up for a quick fix.

Or simply use a property where the object will only move when the property is at the correct value.

tried both of those, the first doesn’t work period, and the second doesn’t let the object move in the first place.

oops… set something wrong. ok, got a grid rigged! thanks cyborg!

You need an extra sensor to check if the key is not being pressed (by putting the inv. button on in a second keyboard sensor). And then connect that to an actuator that sets the property’s value back to the one needed to make the object move.

You need to have the property set initially to the value needed to make the object move.