Looping music in BGE

I know you can put SFX and music into a blender game by opening them, and assigning the correct logic bricks, like when glass hits a plane, and shatters into thousands of tiny pieces. But how would I actually make the music so that it indefinitely loops from a loopable section of the music (usually the latter half) of it, without a Delay sensor? :rolleyes:

nope, this isnt possible, and dont hold your breath either. unity, and other engines, have been in the mobile business for a long time, better to start there. i too wish to develop games for android, but bge just isnt there.

At this point in time blender does not even provide support for exporting to External mobile devices !!!
If you really wan’t to , look for the best C++ Coder and ask him to design an Add-On for blender to be able to export
to the android platform. Thats if he’s brilliant at coding and he can design anything. Otherwise i would say that they are
peaople who are already working on such a project especially for the BGE. So i would say that it would come with time
blender has a long way to go as far as exporting and Optimizing Games is concerned.


There is a Blender version and an Android Blender player. But the last version is relay old (I think last suported version was Blender 2.63).
I have tested it years ago. It worked pretty good. The only problem I had was that Blender only supports one one mouse. So it was not possible to get multi touch events. So if multi touch needed you need to add a python multi touch library to.

Here is an instruction how to build a player for Android.

For the Addon option you’ll basically need another game engine integrated in blender: GameKit, Arrmory, Blend4Web, (and another which name I don’t remember) do this. And none of them support python or are written in C++ (wich is the reason why you need a new game engine). That’s becouse Android has terrible support for native apps (not impossible, but hard to get them right, with all the different components an android phone may have not using a VM is suicide) and has bad support for Python (though for this there are some workarrounds).

Best option would be to rewrite the engine in Java (Love2D does this) and then try using some of the workarrounds for Python.

But I really don’t see this happening.