Looping ocean simulation

Hi I’m somewhat new to blender and I haven’t done anything with the ocean sim but I was wondering if it is possible to set up an ocean simulation film where the first frame is the same as the last so I could loop it and no one would notice it in the animation.

yes…easily…use the copy and paste functions built in for it…:smiley:

Sorry to be a noob but how exactly would I go about that?

i believe there is two buttons shaped like a clipboard when you are editing the timeline :smiley: if you click the clipboard with the arrow pointing UP, you are copying a key frame. when you click the one pointing down, your are pasting it.

it can also be done by taking the beginning of your loop and making it also your end :smiley: (this is done by basically taking the beginning, placing a keyframe, then move to the end and place the same exact keyframe. although this might only work for the brand new OCEAN simulator in blender 2.6. ’

dont know about the water simulator, as i rarely use it (not a powerful computer :D)

Ok well thank you very much. I think that the blender dev page says that it is one of the targets for the next upcoming release for trunk so I’ll have to wait.

hi dude,
I don’t know if your resolve you loop problem.

but what i’ve did, is made a cycles in sinusoid
example frame 1 time 1
frame 10 time 5
frame 20 time 1
and made a cycle filter

so the water is going and coming back
it’s pretty shitty :frowning: but it’s the only to make a loop of the ocean sim.

hopefully a better solution is coming :confused:

Ok well thanks for the suggestion. I’ll play around with it and see if I can make it work somehow. I’ll probably wait till the ocean sim come out in trunk before I do though.