Looping path animation

Hi guys,

Okay, I’ve searched and searched, and while I found many references to a mysterious speed IPO (which seems to be listed, but I can’t see the bloomin’ thing), I can’t figure out how to make an animation loop endlessly. I’m making a little atom and need the balls to keep following their paths around and around.

Thanks in advance!


If you insert a “path” type curve a speed IPO is created automatically for you. If you select any other type of curve for your path no speed curve is added automatically. If a speed curve exists the pathlen variable is ignored. So you have 2 ways to adjust the length of time it takes for your animation.

  1. adjusting the speed IPO – creating one if none exists (more control) – can loop.
  2. using the pathlen value – deleting the speed curve if one exists (less control) – can’t loop

see: www.ibiblio.org/bvidtute and look for my tutorial on paths and dupliframes which explains all this in much better detail. Also watch the tutorial on keyframing and ipo curves if you aren’t that familiar with them.


Okay, I’ll grab those, and hopefully that’ll work out.