Lopas - node shaders

Sometimes I happen to develop some node shaders for bge / upbge, as a hobby or maybe at the request of someone who wants help with the shaders then I will post them in this section.
For those who want to support my work, the download link is in the videos description.

The first one is this fadeFX which is useful for avoiding the pop up effect for dynamically spawned objects.

Here an example how to use it for fading on near also!


it works well so far , when i make “fadeStart” bigger than “fadeEnd” it creates a “ball” / “space” that make the pixels within it transaprent : so this is the right thing for a game :ok_hand:

Can i suggest you to add an entry ? Add a parameter entry to add a “projection” value : make the ball extend the transparent space x meters away from the camera ; or even auto-parameter to make that transparent space occupy all the space between the camera and the target - in other words keep the transparent ball around the camera and make a second ball around a target an link them by a tunnel of transparancy

Just a suggestion, because, in the current configuration the ball size could be parameter by the distance camera player, but if the ball is big, lot of pixels are gonna be wiped to transparent. But the first option - so, a ball stretched/projected x meters away - should be already well enough as the camera is already targeting the player and remains at a determined distance all along the game

This preserves the edges… i think could work for you
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