loq airou -- ever heard of it?

(MaceG) #1

Found the link at Wings 3D.
Looks a little odd.
Downloading it now.

(sten) #2

yes !!

I have heard of it from CGtalk.com

btw…is this all you do here ? post new updates on Software tools ? :o

(MaceG) #3

I’ll stop.

 Just thought people might want to know.

(macke) #4

Yes, I’ve heard of it, more so, I’ve worked with the developer once. Funny guy, a tad geeky (hey, aren’t we all?). Loq Airou is virtually useless though, you’ve got to have developed the software to understand it ;o)

Eskil (the developer) makes more cool apps than they are actually useful (except for perhaps the verse protocol, which was what I demoed when we worked together).

(youngbatcat) #5

It’s all flashy and stuff. But it does work. I made stuff with it.
But it’s realy hard. I am still working with it as a beta tester.
It will be at Sigrraph.
Go check it out.

(ectizen) #6

Yes! I, for one, appreciate your postings :slight_smile:

Weird doesn’t begin to describe this :o

(sten) #7

hey, don’t take it so harsh !!

I just meant it would be nice to some more of your
comments in other areas as well…maybe some of
your artwork and such, not only your news on software updates :smiley:

(sten) #8

hey I have tried it…and I don’t know what it is worth using for…
it is always crashing for me…heh :-?

and I think it has pretty long way before it becomes useful…

(Eric) #9

It’s flashy, nothing else.

(mrmunkily) #10

It’s interface is too obtuse,
It has too few features and they are difficult to control

It is unstable, and can’t save in an organized manner.

but it’s blue, and that makes it all worthwhile…

(MaceG) #11

Thanks guys.

(dickie) #12

you’re updates don’t bother me man.
it’s usually through you that i know
a new version of Wings has been released.


I’ll stop.

Just thought people might want to know.