Lord of the Mountains

This is my most recent artwork that I have been working on for about two weeks. The first week was spent designing and sculpting the creature in Zbrush and the second week was spent creating the fur and rendering out the final artwork.

However, it still turned out pretty ugly-looking even though I spent so much time repeatedly tweaking and modifying the model and lighting. One person stated that it doesn’t look “alive”, but I just can’t see any way to fix that. So if you have any tips or advice for how to make this look more “alive” and more realistic then I would greatly appreciate it.

Hello, I bet you spent a lot of time on this. Even if (let’s be honest) it’s kind of ugly and feels like a plushy, I really like it!

Thank you for the reply; I’m glad you like it. Also, what about the image makes you think that it looks like a plushy? I was told the same thing by someone else and I’m interested in knowing what you think could make it look more realistic.

What is it? It looks like something out of a nightmare.

It’s well done and nice render, but it scares me.

Thank you for the complement. Although I did not intend for it to be quite so scary. I had meant for it to look like some kind of majestic beast, similar to a tiger or some-such animal.

Hi Advent Crown!
I can see you put a lot of effort into this. In fact it is a complete work, it has all the anatomical parts and fur, textures, pose.
It’s strange looking mainly because of proportions, I’d say.
Look at this comparison, for example:

You can clearly see how proportions might be corrected.
Also the foreleg is a bit fat. I can’t see what’s going on under its mouth because there is too much fur there. And so on…

It is very difficult to understand what is wrong with your own work, but you will learn to do it.
Hope it helps!

Thank you Gionavvi for all of the help. I didn’t even notice the problem regarding the proportions until now.

Hello, sorry for never answering your question. I was very busy and just went back to check the website. What made me feel like it is plushy is mainly the fur, the eyes (need more geometry around the eyes to make them feel natural), the ears (too crude) and the paws(do not look like real animal paws). Like Gionavvi pointed out, the proportions aren’t exactly on point. Which makes it feel unnatural. I think that’s why I saw it more like a plushy thing than an animal. But I am no expert, so my pointers could be wrong!

I think also, the soft horns and tusks lend to a plushy look. Animal horns tend to be more textured and sharp.

tusks also tend to be a lot sharper.