Lord of the Rings book

I haven’t been posting for a long time, but I never stopped blending. I think that it’s now time to show what I have learnt in the past six months - I begin with some UV mapping. I spent some two hours on this project - first I took six photos of the book and then I edited them to make them suit on the model. I fired up blender and used these images as backgrounds and started modelling from a box. The model is simple (112 verticles) but the most difficult job was to fit the images to the model, and that’s how I spent the rest of that time. Rendering without the reflecting floor takes like three seconds and with raytracing and mirroring the rendering time was 1:33 (Blender internal). I’ll post some more books here later and propably make some scene of them.

Any comments? I was aiming for a photorealistic result (which shouldn’t be difficult to get with this simple model when UV mapped).

Looks nice :D, but IMHO not really photorealistic.
For example on the back of the book there is a little crease in the color texture. You should add a nor texture to show that the crease is really there and not only on the color texture.

It looks mostly realistic, good job.

I wish I could see the botton/front edge of the back cover better. At first glance it looked like the pages where sitting directly on the table. I know the back cover is there, but a little more highlight to make an obvious border would be nice.

wasnt this already posted like 2 weeks ago?