Lord of the Rings rings

Hello everyone.
This is my attempt to create master rings :slight_smile:

Really Cool though I think gold doesn’t look too good personally! maybe add an environment map? it would definitely help and change the gold material a bit to a lighter one

The gold material needs more work, otherwise it looks quite nice! You should work on the reflections and maybe use a brighter hdr map? The dark reflection at the top of the rings really give it off. Oh, and isn’t there only supposed to be one master ring?

It is true, there is only one master ring. This suppose be a little joke :slight_smile:
Anyway thanks for advice about enviroment map. I’ll try work on it.

Very nice, though the scale looks off. The wood texture looks like floorboards, and each ring is the same width as one of the boards!

I don’t have much to say…the only thing is that the rings look too dark.

Your gold looks dull because you need to change the Mirror color to yellow in the Mirror tab - it’s directly underneath the Reflectivity slider.

ONE ring to rule them all, ONE ring to find them,
ONE ring to bring them all, and in the darkness, BIND them!

He, He,

Ya danilius has it…change the mirror color, otherwise good Pic Nice Job!!! hope to see further work from you

Thanks to everyone for advices and opinions. I’ll work on it next week and i’ll post upgraded version :slight_smile: This week i’m off from my PC.
All of you are great and i very appreciate what you guys think.
PS : Sorry for my english :slight_smile: i’m not so skill in speaking in english. I hope that what i saying is understandable

Don’t apologise for your English. I don’t speak Czech very well (OK, at all). Nor do most people here. Mind you, the more you hang around here the better your English will become anyway.

Although i agree with all these other guys on the gold, one thing that is really bugging ME is that the writing (if you had noticed in the movies) was less written ON the ring, than was glowing FROM the ring…if that makes sense.

Yes, i know what you mean. But unfortunately i haven’t figer out how to do this effect (light streaks comming from the writing). In this case it is made by UV mapped texture of the writing.

Well, maybe you could have one material overlapping the other instead? That way, you can figure out how to make the writing glow, while leaving the ring without the glow. I think it wouldn’t be too hard, using nodes, right?

Nodes would be the way to do this. (Of course. “All Things are Possible With Nodes.”) The writing is one information source; the rings are a second; the table and surrounds are a third. Deal with each of the three separately. Provide a lighting effect on the table which “could, plausibly be” coming from the glowing rings … whether or not it actually does. Now it becomes essentially a 2D compositing/tweaking process until you get exactly what you want.