lords of acid animation

I’m going to make a short music video using the lords of acid uncensored cd cover from “voodoo-u” and I just finished modeling the cave. Its a WIP but I’m gonna make a cave texture that looks more cartoon like and then I’ll start on modelling the female devils. C&C and suggestions welcome. Also, what is the best way to model a female? I was thinking of using “make human” but I don’t know how to get it to work.


P.S. I don’t have a place to host my pic…anyone know of a place?

Sounds like you are taking on a big project.

What specifically are you having trouble with with make human?

I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Good luck! :smiley:


sixmonkeys.geek.nz - esp. for these forums… hotlinks to there are simple…


Hmmm, I’ll be interested to see that album cover animated. Could be cool or pretty creepy.

thanks for the replies.

I haven't been working on it as much seeing as how I couldn't get mh to work.  The problem is that when I find the file "rawmesh" or the file it asks for when you first run mh, It finds the file and then it gives me an error.  I'll edit this msg later with the error details.  I went to the website for mh and found in the forums a guy with a similar problem, but that didn't help me.  By the way, another question... I am looking for a way to animate some realistic flames for this music vid.  I was thinking of animating with nurb curves and ipo.  for example, literally drawing out the flames with the nurbs and then animating.  Blender cannot make the flames I want with the particle engine.  any suggestions for an easier way to make the flames?

thanks again.

The blender particle system makes some nice fire. I don’t know if this is what you’re lookin for or not. http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/htmlI/x9318.html scroll down until you find “making fire with particles”.

the problem is that the particle system doesn’t look realistic… it can’t create fire that looks realistic. what I’m looking for is basically to animate pictures of fire… I’m probably going to get some pictures of some fire and trace it using nurbs and then animate the nurbs… it’ll be hard but I think it will look nice.

what u think?

to be honest, I think you are in a too big project… if you are not going to mdoel your own female, and you can’t use makeHuman to produce one that is already quite a problem. and then you just skipped that and went on creating realistic fire… which doesn’t seem to work either… hmm…

don’t mean to put you down… just got a bit weird feeling of this…


One thing that I’ll add: If you’re trying to animate that Lords of Acid album cover, “realistic” fire would look horrible. That kind of thing calls for a flame with a cartoon-quality, not a photo-real flame. If you made realistic flames, it would cease to be a representation of that album cover, which is, itself, a cartoon. Just my opinion, though.

I get what you’re saying… if I could describe to you what I really meant as far as the fire goes, I would but I don’t know how to describe it. Its not exactly realistic fire, its more of uhh… er… (getting a headache) … I don’t know… maybe I’ll make you a pic of what I mean and post it.

basse, thanks for the concern, but I like a challenge…I got mh to work… only reason I didn’t model the girls myself is because mh is a lot faster. I will admit though I am still an amateur at modelling. I guess my problem is that I have all these ideas that I wanna do but I can’t find the info I need. for example…I wanted to make a game in blender, but I can’t find enough info on scripting with python. I’m trying to use the mouse to move a paddle in an “arkanoid” like game (one of my all time favorite classics) and I can’t find enough info on how to script it out…by the way, when I run my script, it says “no module named rasterizer” How can I fix that? I have Blender 2.34 with python installed and the python path set.


Very good!

I guess no one knows why blender is telling me that it can’t find “rasterizer” ?