Los Peres Ozorio (New Blender Animated Series)

Hello Blender dudes!

Let me introduce a new animation series; Los Peres Ozorio made entirely with open source, Blender 3D its at his core, produced in Puerto Rico and Spain! This 3D animated series will showcase a regular family (4) struggling to survive in the modern society filled with optimism an good humor. We are currently in the pre-production stage, but we have launched a teaser to introduce our main characters. There is much work ahead of us, but we’re certain that very soon we will be presenting the first season of Los Peres Ozorio. If you like to stay tuned with this hillarious animated series made with Blender, please visit our site www.losperesozorio.com.

We hope you like it!

Any critiques will be very appreciated!

Best Regards;

Luis Martinez
[email protected]

i just have to say wow… like the lighting and direction as well… im not a 3d animator or anything but mostly into 2D and now learning. im inspired :slight_smile: … only one thing which was kinda odd to me is the guys shirt while he was breathing to sleep… the strokes on his shirt kinda look wierd @_@… just my opinion.

Thanks Ishar!

Yes indeed, I have some problems with the UV mapping of the shirt texture, and is really one of many problems I faced in that short teaser! If you look carefully, there is even a more drastic issue, the reflection of the hair in the door glass! It is caused by not having the hair material traceable, which other wise, the render times skyrocketed from 57 seconds per frame to around 15mins to 17mins per frame!

I’m working hard to solve these issues!

Many thanks for your valuable feedback!

Luis Martinez
[email protected]

I definitely think you have got a very nice piece of animation there…

If I should point out 2 or three things you might want to improve, it would be that in the final sequence the boy is supposed to laugh, but it doesnt show clearly!
perhaps also when the girl jumps up in the air- I somehow think that she stays in the air too long - I am not sure though.