Lose bookmarks after closing blender

I want to bookmark a certain directory, but I always lose the bookmark after closing and reopening blender. This is a bit against the meaning of a bookmark.
Always had this problem since I’m using blender, but now I’m sick of it.
Maybe I should have installed blender in another directory.
Any help?

Save User Prefrences (Ctrl + U)

Bookmarks can be made for each project or can be made universal, as stuart.t said above, by opening up blender, adding the bookmarks, and saving the default scene by pressing Ctrl + U.

Ok, I tried CTRL+U and it says: Can’t open file C:(…)Blender\2.53\config\startup.blend for writing: Permisson denied.


It was probably something with a write-protect thing. I tried to bookmark another directory and it was ok.