Losing Key Configs

Hi All,

Why is it that, every time i restart Blender (2.57b, on OSX), it has dropped my custom key configuration in favour of the default Blender one?

As well as (obviously) setting my key config as default, I have also tried unticking ‘Load UI’ under User Preferences > File and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Its an almighty pain in the ass having to manually change it back every time i restart Blender. Can anyone help out? Is there somewhere specific I should be putting my key configs?


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Okay, to answer my own question after much messing about (in case another poor fool turns up similarly confused over this) it seems it’s not enough to just import your custom key configuration file and Save As Default immediately.

After you’ve imported your custom key config file, you have to add a Keyconfig Preset (using the [+] button to the right of the keyconfig drop-down), name it, and then save that.
Only then will Blender retain your custom config after restarting.

Looks like there is a similar deal with Application Interaction Presets, to the left.

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Hi, thank you for posting this, as I’m having the same issue. Your solution works when I first start up blender, but if I open a file or create a new file it reverts back to the defaults. There doesn’t seem to be a way to stop it from reverting back to the old default. Anyone know the answer?

Hmm, thats weird as my solution is working fine for me. Are you sure you are creating and naming a new Preset with the [+] button straight after importing your keyconfig file? I know i’m repeating myself here but, just incase i haven’t clarified, it wont work if you just import the key config file without then creating the preset.

And if not, have you tried unticking ‘Load UI’ under User Preferences? (as i understand it, this preserves the UI layout for that particular file, tho i dont know that it would load the keyconfigs too)

Good luck! :0D

I did exactly what you said, but it still didn’t work. It would load the new settings when I first open blender but creating a new file or opening one would send it back to the old ones.

Unchecking “load UI” isn’t really an option either since A: you don’t have that option on new files, and B: many of my projects are set up with a custom UI that is there for a reason.

However, I was finally able to fix this, so I’ll share what I did in case someone else has the same issue. I had to delete the settings folder (I’m on ubuntu, so that was in ~/.blender/2.58 - I just deleted the whole folder), then restarted blender and opened the start up file in ~/.blender/2.57/config, and saved that as default. That seems to have fixed the problem.

Result! Thanks sharing Philian :0)