Losing the rig but keeping the pose?...

I have a rigged model all posed up and want now to delete the rig but keep the pose. So that I can use the model as a linked model ( a statue) as when I try without it gets all distorted and not correct?.. Anyway how do you delete the rig and keep the pose? ( I’m gonna keep a rigged version anyways)?

pose the character.
in the modifier, apply the armature modifier
unparent the mesh from armature if parented
feel free to delete the rig

Thanks for the reply! but I can’t apply the armature because there are shape keys and when I click on the shape keys to remove them the model disappears into a load of squiggly lines. This maybe due to them applying to parts that are no longer there (a head)? Incidentally when i try to link the statue in another blender file ( the whole point of the statue) I get the squiggly line version…

The model was originally a makehuman model…

I think you’d better post the .blend to get help with this.
The first thing I’d do would be to experiment with the shape keys to try to pinpoint the problem. With all modifiers deactivated.

OK tried to upload to the forum but it din’t work here is a pasteall link


See what you can sort out! (Thanks very much for the help guys…)

First – remove all shapekey from the bottom to the top. The mesh will go crazy until you remove all shapekeys
now you can apply the armature maodifier and you are set.

Great! Thanks this was baffling me!