Losing transparency on linked character EEVEE

I have linked a character using collections from a file that has transparent corneas for the eyes. I put the character parts into one collections. It renders fine in EEVEE in the source file. In the file I link the character into, the settings for the materials are not carried over and the transparancy is now opaque. It transfer fine if I switch to cycles. I plan to use the library override for the rig whitch works fine. However I didn’t want to expose the material settings with a library override, but I suppose I could. Has anyone encounterd this with linked assets and what is a good work around to render it in EEVEE?

Are the transparency settings actually different in the material tab, or are screen space reflections just not activated in the new file? Screen space reflections are also needed for refraction.

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On the linked file the only way to access the material tab is by overriding it. In the instance the material tab is not available. And yes, I turned on the reflections. Very strange. Thanks for looking at it.