Loss of quality after save render

Hello. Any tips how to save render in full quality, because after render save, I’m losing small reflections?

Hey Darius - walk us through how you are currently saving your renders. How will the final image be used? Is this a still image or animation?
For still images I would choose 8 or 16 bit PNG or Tiff when saving directly from Blender. Then, depending on the final purpose of the rendered image, you can edit/resize or choose a different format in an image editor like Gimp or Photoshop.
Post more details - the more we know the better we can help. :wink:

I would like to say stay in 16 or 32 bit .exr format for your renders.
Then, after editing the file in Photoshop, Gimp or Affinity Photo, export the file in 8 bit in a format specific to the usage.

Any other format will throw away a bit of information on save.


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Are you sure because after saving in .exr format I could see some strips. But in blender render mode there are no strips.

I want to use my render in Gimp to make something like advertisement brochure.

I don’t know how you saved the render, but -always- render in what Blender calls ’ Transparant Film’ mode. So no black background.
I don’t know how Blender uses all data internally, but there are some issues here and there when you start using files in other applications. Especially with alphas or Cryptomattes.

And I don’t know what application screenshot the first image is from, but it looks like a alpha issue for sure.