Loss of quality in images

I am facing a great loss of quality using images, both in the 3D windows and Rendering.
The last image I uesed was a photo 3200x2400, nonetheless when I lokk at it through the camera its blurred and without contrast- the same with the rendering.
I tried both methods: texturing and UVmapping. Especially in the last one I notice e real great change between the two windows (3D/UVmapping) in the image window my picture is perfect at any zoom value but in the 3d windows is utterly spoiled even at a low dimension.
Does anyone have some advice in order to obtain a decent video clip of the scene? Thanks Blenderartists.

Yes, turn off ‘mipmap’ and ‘interpol’ and turn down the ‘filter’ to it’s minimum. I make a habit of this with every image.

If you’re into compiling your own Blender (or have a friend who’ll do it for you)

In …/intern/source/texture.c you’ll find a line:


Which sets the bitflag for them to enabled as default. So if you get tired of changing these flags every single time you make an image texture…

Thanks a lot guys- that was a tricky and solved the texture problem, but not all.
What about the UVmapping? I still have blurring problems. I probably am not able to discern at wich scale the image is mapped unto the object.
If I go a bit nearer to the object with the camera, all becomes blurred while (at the same scale) in the image editor the picture is still detailed and crisp.
Will it be e problem of pix/inch? Will the problem decrease using Yafray? Any suggestion will prove useful.

i thought jpg quality is reduced each time you process it
and i thought blender uses tga best
can you convert it to a differant format/

I think I saw in Greybeards tutorial on UV wrapping that there was a way to increase the scale of the uv map to be a better image resolution? I remember something like that when he was saving the map.
Hope that is what you were looking for.
I don’t know how to post the correct link to the tutorial, but it was on ibiblio.org I think.