Lost an object...


I know this sounds really silly, but I’ve lost an object in my blend-file.

I’ve been searching everywhere around, but I can’t find the object. looked-up every layer, toggled the hide, used the outliner and its search but even the search can’t find it.

I know that the object is still “out” there because when I look-up the logic bricks, it is still connected and working properly.

How can this be? Where else could I look for it?

By the way… The lines connecting the logic bricks… is there a way to highlight the mouse-over line, like in the old blender version?

First of all, press Alt-H to make sure it’s not hidden, if it was, it should pop up :stuck_out_tongue:

If that’s not the problem, use the search function in Blender 2.5x and it should pop up… I think… Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

Maybe you accidentally scaled it to 0, so it isn’t visable unless you select it, and because it is 0 in size, it’s pretty hard to select.
Try going to the overview window, and hunting for the name of the object, then you can select it by clicking on the name.

It should be in the outliner.
The outliner shows you if it is visible or not.
I think the object panels show you the layers it exist in.
<Alt+H> as already mentioned.
If you have the right scene with the right layer you should be able to se the object center dot. <Num+’,’> to center on it when it is selected.

Oh and look under your bed. It might be fallen down ;).

ok, I really can’t find the object!
I’ve made everything: alt-h checked if it is at one point with another object, checked the outliner x times etc. (I already did all that yesterday, as I wrote)
Maybe I am doing something wrong.
If someone could take a look at the file I would thank a lot, I am getting crazy with that. I need to select this object to work with its logic-bricks.

The object I am looking for is “Hhenmesser”

here is the file: http://www.mediafire.com/?uflwv7r669n1osc

Thanks in advance

Are you looking for the object named Hhenmesser ?


ahhhhhh, there it is :smiley: thanks a lot man!

Now I remember what object it was!

Strange that in the outliner search it is not found…