Lost armature

I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum:

I’m not sure where my character’s armature has gone. I still see it in the outliner, but it isn’t visible in 3D view. I thought I moved it to layer 2, but it wasn’t there. I made sure I moved it using the outliner, but I still can’t see it. I’ve tried unhiding in pose mode and object mode to no avail. Do you know how I can get it back?

When it is selected in the outliner, the layer icon will show which layer it is on. Are all layers turned on?

Yes, all the layers are on. I can even see the armature’s origin point, just not the bones.

Armatures have their own layer system. After you’ve selected the armature in the outliner, a orange dot should show up in the object layers boxes in the 3d view header, make sure that object layer is turned on. Then in the armature panel, under skeleton, there are layers for your bones, boxes with dots indicate bones are on those layers, and layers that are darkened indicate the layer is active and visible in the 3d view, see here:

There are bones on 11 layers, however only 2 layers are active and visible in the 3d view. If this doesn’t help, upload the .blend file…


(oh, and I assume you know this much, but make sure the eye icon in the outline is visible for the armature)