Lost at Sea

Made this Finding Nemo inspired scene to expand on on the CG Cookie Jellyfish tutorial (would highly recommend for any beginners out there!). I’m really happy with how modelling Bruce went although I found posing him to be a bit awkward, I also struggled with the lighting as I was trying out volumetrics for the first time. Any advice or feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

The further back the image section is, the darker it would normally be, and blurry-er :slight_smile:
So the tail of the shark and the rear jellyfish would be more gloomy looking because of the water distance etc.

I’m only a beginner but possibly something to do with a boxed smoke effect in the rear region then a middle one that is “thinner” in density than the rear, as static to block reflections or something? not sure. Only a beginner :slight_smile: