Lost Boy, Long Journey

Here’s my submission to the Blenderguru character competition. I appreciate the dedication that it took and the hours that everyone put in to this thread, and I hope you all enjoy my contribution. For me, what started as a failed attempt to follow a turn-around modeling sheet became a project of large proportions.


Very interesting.
(I hate the depth of field because I want to see that those things do.)
I also like the story the image tells.
The colors are great as well, but maybe a bit more of the smoke?

Thank you! I’ll be sure and tone down the depth of field next time (though it was more of a lens distortion effect).

Very cool character. Nice work on the color scheme. I suggest taking it even further with a triadic scheme. The subtle green goes nicely with the dominant brown. Some purplish backlighting (from the side) will not only complete a triadic scheme but also pop out you’re character from the background.

Thank you very much! I’ll try that in the future and maybe update this image if I have the time.

Great work! His face could have more expression, and I think his arms are too short, but…awesome details. Congrats on finalizing.

Thank you! It was a nice surprise to be a finalist.

Hi Lordum, a little of curiosity. I can see, that you character have the Bowser shell, and the colors of triforce inverted, well I only this recognize the elements. Him is a anti hero of Nintendoverse :eyebrowlift2:?

I like much the smoke effect, greetings.

Hi Jose! I did incorporate different hidden elements into my image like the Browser shell and the triforce badge, but the character was not based on them. As I tried to make the armor pieces and weaponry fit together, I needed some backpack and center crest, so I went with it. Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

Cool work, Lordum! I agree with joseperez, I like the subtle elements you’ve added. They add to the picture without calling a lot of attention to themselves, very well done.

The materials look great, and the lighting serves the character well - dark and moody without being too underexposed. The smoke and postwork adds a nice touch.

And most importantly, cool character! We’re not sure if we should root for him or be afraid of him, and that always makes for an interesting design!

Thanks a lot! It’s really encouraging to receive feedback from experienced artists. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Note: I’ve updated my image with the recommendations you guys gave me. Thanks for all the tips.

I think for your next project you should consider to spend more time on the proportions of the body, The elbows of your character start just under the chest line which makes your character look deform. My oponion of the costume is that there are a lot of parts that don’t fit well, sometimes less amount of things is more attractive.
I like the weapon a lot.

Looks really cool, maybe try playing with the lighting a bit more.

Awesome looking character, very cool. Kudos!

Thanks Man! It means a lot to me! Also thanks for 5 star rating.