Lost chopper - fun work

Hey there, having fun with the grasswald addon. Really fun and easy to use indeed!
I made this on my free time at work :smiley:
Made with cycles, with 350 samples.


Nice composition!

In fact, it all feels like a still life, done by a picky hand of a photographer. The flowers are obviously planted in a shape, and the granite block must have been carefully cut and positioned by a crane. I keep thinking of the cleaning lady who comes every other day to wash the windows and then, obviously, put the moss back in place.

All respect. There is a lot of contrast between the awesome models and the meaningless stories that I make out of them. Maybe even this contrast makes the image enjoyable to look at.

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thanks for the feedback :sweat_smile: . im sure i made this just for fun, and for playing with the addon. But i aprecciate the comment, i will keep it for a next project!

I don’t know if it was supposed to be, but that was the greatest, most positive backhanded complement I have ever read :joy:. Thank you. You simultaneously made me laugh but also realize to take into account the setting of an object when modeling.

nice work !!!

Awesome work :ok_hand:t3: